All Utility Metering and Monitoring


A reporting tool gives a business instant access to powerful energy reporting metrics, to gain a detailed understanding of energy usage and demand profile. This is fundamental for making effective energy strategy decisions and measuring energy efficiency projects as part of an overall business energy management strategy.



Metering and Monitoring


With our state of the art metering software T&O can provide you with access to interval data at any time. We can also tailor specific reporting options for our clients to keep track of on your energy usage, carbon emissions, energy demand and power factor. We can also provide you with monitoring notifications if you’re at risk of hitting gas take-or-pay (TOP) or electricity variation clause thresholds.





Sub-metering enables your business to drill down into specific areas of a business’s operations to understand usage in details. You can isolate specific areas of your operations to work towards reducing demand charges or understand what certain machinery is contributing to your overall usage. T&O can discuss sub-metering options with you, organise installation and assist in data analysis and reporting.