Energy and Resource Management


The rising cost of energy has promoted electricity and gas to substantial positions on the operating budget sheet of all businesses. This has led companies to view their energy usage more critically and try to understand exactly how they consume energy. Understanding the energy and resource requirements of your business is critical in identifying priority areas for efficiency gains and cost savings. By understanding these key areas, businesses can implement conservation and efficiency initiatives to reduce their overall consumption levels and operating costs.


T&O Consulting offer an Energy and Resource Management Plan that is customised to meet the specific needs of your business. Our comprehensive framework consists of the following key services:



1. Undertake desktop audit of energy and resources


By determining the baseline annual electricity, gas, fuel and water consumption, your business can set effective reduction targets and identify where the majority of costs are located. Compiling this information is also an essential first step in developing your greenhouse gas inventory.


2. Compilation of a greenhouse gas inventory

Developing a greenhouse gas inventory is a great way to track your environmental footprint and demonstrate to your investors, clients and stakeholders that your business has a commitment towards sustainability.


3. Demand profiling and development of management strategies


Analysing the demand ‘shape’ of your business can provide vital insight into how cost savings can be achieved. As network demand charges represent an ever-increasing proportion of energy bills, it pays to reduce your maximum demand by smoothing your load profile across the day. In addition, a more constant or continuous demand is priced more favourably than volatile or ‘peaky’ demand when forward contracting.


4. Walkthrough audit to determine energy and resource end-uses


Undertaking a walkthrough audit will identify how energy is used across your business and where there may be opportunities for efficiency improvements or energy conservation measures. This process identifies key sources of energy and resource consumption and provides a great starting point for developing cost reduction strategies.


5. Identification of energy and resource efficiency opportunities


Once key resource consumption areas have been discovered, we can help your business identify potential energy efficiency/conservation projects. Projects can then be prioritised by the lowest capital outlay and highest cost reductions, along with return on investment and payback period, ensuring that the most cost effective options are uncovered and can be used to support your company's environmental investment strategy.


6. Identification of renewable energy opportunities


Many businesses are well positioned to take advantage of the latest in renewable energy technologies. The cost of commercial solar systems have dropped by 30% over the past 2 years, and many businesses in the food manufacturing sector generate waste that can be used to generate electricity and heat. These types of projects give businesses more control over their energy costs and can often lead to significant long term savings.


7. Monitoring and measurement


T&O Consulting can provide your business with software to monitor your energy and water usage, with full access to highly detailed consumption, demand and power factor data. This information can be vital in identifying resource inefficiencies such as non-essential equipment being left on overnight or water leaks. By taking control of this data your business will be able to tackle these issues as they arise, and avoid nasty surprises on utility bills.


The most effective way to track energy usage for specific areas of your business and energy efficiency projects is through sub-metering. This is a great way to track the success of your efficiency projects, and can also be very effective in assessing how changes to your day-to-day operations may impact upon your energy and resource consumption.



Our full Energy and Resource Management Plan delivers a comprehensive and strategic framework for reducing your energy costs, with additional consideration for continuous monitoring and improvement. Many of these components are also offered as stand-alone services.


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