What We Do



As one of Australia’s premier independent energy market consultancies, T&O provides business with expert advice, innovative solutions and the market insight to help our clients capture opportunities and manage risk.


Our energy consultants identify and implement strategies to minimise the risk associated with volatile energy markets with procurement for both electricity and gas. We provide ongoing advice and customer service for our clientele in all energy matters. Our customers are informed at all times on changes within the industry including energy costs, legislative changes or other complex issues.


T&O’s client base encompasses all areas of the National Electricity Market (NEM). We work in industries such as property, agriculture, mining, manufacturing and food processing, national retailers and small business.


Established by industry professionals, we adapt to changes in the industry and to the individual needs of our clients. We provide businesses with the necessary tools to enter the burgeoning ‘carbon age’.


Our services include gas and electricity procurement, account management, metering and monitoring, energy and resource management, greenhouse gas reporting, solar feasibility and comparison, identifying and prioritising energy efficiency opportunities and much more. 






Corporate Member of the Australian Institute of Energy                                    Corporate Member of the Australian Solar Council 

 For further information visit http://www.aie.org.au                                                        For further information visit www.solar.org.au

Corporate Member of the Alternative Technology Association                                                             Member of Women in Energy

For further information visit http://www.ata.org.au                                  For further information visit http://womeninenergy.com.au