Our Principals


T&O Consulting recognise that growth goes hand in hand with a focus on helping the communty.  At T&O Consulting we believe in aligning business strategy to social needs, minimising environmental impact and advancing social development to create a sustainable business model that inspires and creates enduring growth.         



T&O's elecitricity carbon emmissions are fully offset, using Certified Emissions Reduction units to achieve carbon neutrality.


Our Vision

For an energy rich country, Australia’s energy costs and carbon emissions per capita are far too high.  T&O Consulting’s vision is for business to remove the competitive restrictions that come with high energy costs whilst reducing their carbon footprint, so that business in Australia can thrive.


Our Mission

To educate and empower businesses with the knowledge to move forward successfully in the ‘carbon age’, putting our customers in the driver’s seat.







Corporate Member of the Australian Institute of Energy                                    Corporate Member of the Australian Solar Council 

 For further information visit http://www.aie.org.au                                                        For further information visit www.solar.org.au